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Why Your Business Might Be in Minority If You Don’t Have a Blog Yet?

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What is that makes an organization human? Connections, interactions and engagements, indeed! So is your organization the human? Are you taking enough steps to engage with your customers rather than just being focused on behind the scene conversations? Your prospective customers might just get engaged with the dialogue you just started through your blog and researched suggest the same too!

More and more companies are blogging today and as per the reports of, your business might be in the minority if you have not yet started blogging! Blogs might be the ultimate way through which you can attract as many as 67% more leads in comparison to the B2B marketers who do not use blogs as their marketing medium! Needless to say, you may experience skyrocketing deals every day, even if you are not working with the smart usage of blogs! As expected, it is more likely that by 2020, 85% of the customers will make more decisions online. And blog is perhaps the best way you can boost your identity online.

Having said that, it is imperative that if you are not blogging, you might be in the minority! Wrap up and rush! you will be amazed with the fact that as many as 55% of the companies who prefer to blog have revealed that maintaining this channel is breeze easy and has come up with below average cost!


Perhaps if you are blogging since enough time now and are still wondering how to get the much talked leads, it might be the time to increase your frequency, A recent survey by HubSpot suggests that there is a direct correlation between the number of blogs posted and the leads achieved, irrespective of the fact that you are a B2B or B2C company. But should you post anything that comes into the way? No!

Content is your brand’s identity and by no way it should reflect wrong. Write a blog that gives you the leads and the content that sells. How?

How To Write Content That Sells?

  • Have a talk with your customers

Customers love to receive those sneak-peaks from their favorite brands! The new makeover that your office went through or the new section of apparels that you just launched, the new contract that you won or the small steps you are taking to fight the increasing electricity bills – each of these small updates matter for them!

  • Do not just constantly bombard them with your services – make your blog a pleasant experience!

Write what they want to read and not what you want them to read! There is the difference. Customers are the kings and by no way you can force them to read they are not interested in! Give them enough doses of information, masala and entertainment – they will stick to it effortlessly! Providing them with the ways data security can be handled in a CRM would hook them till the last sentence of the article in comparison to just making them read how good your business is in CRM.

  • Write right!

There is no bad spoiler to a business than writing wrong or promoting info from unreliable sources. Whatever information you are providing to your readers, whether directly or indirectly – make sure it comes from the authentic and reliable sources. Misleading information not only makes you lose your precious readers, but also would snatch away the Google ranking from you!

  • How many times should you blog?

A confusing question for most of the businesses, it is seen that companies who blog 16+ posts per month get to enjoy 4.5 times more leads than the ones who blog 1- 4 times a month. So if you finally settled for blogging, why not to make it big?

  • Create buzz about your blog

After you are done with your highly researched blog, take extra pains in promoting it. A blog is nothing without its readers. Identify the social media channels, wherein your majority of the stakeholders lie and target accordingly. Do not try to create a hype altogether on all channels. Choose the best and simply focus!

It is only the positive results that a blog is set to provide, that the businesses are allocating more budget to this channel year after year! If you are also looking forward to reap maximum benefits out of your blog or simply want to start blogging, we may help! Simply, write to us at and one of the specks from our time will be in conversation with you in no time.