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Best Responsive Web Design Company

2 out of every 3 minutes that are spent online happen through mobile devices! So, to widen your reach and to target all your clients, it is important to have a website that works well on all devices. Responsive websites make things simpler by using a single HTTP code and a single URL, which is optimized as per the screen resolution of the device it is opened on.

More than 1/3 of worldwide consumers are expected to use smartphones by 2018. This is perhaps why every business must have a responsive website design.

3 Reasons Why You Need a Responsive Web Design

60% of the internet access happens on mobile.

60% of the internet access happens on mobile.

Google favors responsive websites.

Expert Responsive Website Designers

GreenSpecks is an expert in designing great and visually appealing websites. We are one of the fastest growing responsive website design company in India, and globally. Our expert responsive web designers know how to make futuristic websites that rule all platforms and screen sizes flawlessly without any scrolling and resizing.

Convert your Mobile Audiences into your Regular Customers. Boost your ROI and sales with a Responsive Website.

Start a discussion for designing or redesigning a responsive website. Click here. Make more profits.

Get your responsive website designed/redesigned.

Price starts from $1000.

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How Responsive Web Design Works?

Responsive websites are rendered beautifully on all screen resolutions. This allows for easy navigation and reading with minimum scrolling, resizing and zooming. A responsive website makes use of fluid, flexible images and proportion based grids.

Traditional websites look broke when opened on different screen sizes. Responsive websites are flexible and adapt to the screen size without comprising on aesthetics and functionality.

 web design services

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Our Responsive Web Design Process

web design services

1. Requirement analysis

We have a detailed discussion with our clients regarding their requirements. At times, our clients are not aware of what exactly they want. In such cases, we love to see the examples of our clients’ competitors

2. Wireframe design & prototyping

Once we have the requirements in place, we design a wireframe and basic prototype for your website. This gives a basic idea to our clients on how their content will look on the design.

web design services
web design services

3. Information architecture design

The next step organizes, structures and labels your content effectively. This helps your end-users in finding the required information and completing the desired tasks.

4. Testing

The responsive design once developed is fully tested for any glitches and bugs by our quality test experts. We make sure that your design is rendered beautifully across all platforms and screen sizes.

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responsive web design

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