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Web Design and Development


Website Designing and Development

Smart UI/UX with easy navigation and dynamic execution guarantees better ROI.

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Wow front end or fully dynamic back end to integrations and installations, social media APIs to email integrations – our coders would love to do it for you!

The strategically organized process coupled with the invincible knowledge and experience of years, we make sure that the development we do is the best in the industry and fully functional.

Making use of PHP, Dot Net, SQL, HTML, CSS and jQuery, we make sure that your web application is as flexible as your business is and take shape as your business grows.


Custom software development offered by us ensures that the website is designed and developed keeping the industry’s best practices in mind thus providing it the most robust infrastructure. An equally great development transforms your online design into highly interactive and visible.


Allow the statistics to do the talking!

34% of the smartphone users access the web through their phones.

People expected to surf web through smartphones will rise from 800 million to 1.9 billion in 2015.

Now is the right time to go mobile if you have not gone yet!

From making sure that your website adopts readily to the display size of the screen to ensuring its functionality and presenting it the most suitable way, we take care of it all. Rely on our coding skills to witness the smooth functioning responsive website ever! Explore the seamless boundaries with us irrespective of the screen size.


Content is mighty! This is a golden age where we see information blasting through a number of sources. Content is blasted from web, wireless, paper and other digital sources. This on one hand has opened new avenues but on the other hand have also triggered red flags as managing huge content is not that easy as it sounds/.

This is when we come to rescue! Integrate your applications with the content management systems powered by us and have an easy and rapid access to the information, providing an immediate boost to your productivity.


As many as 42,000,000 blogs are powered by WordPress! Whopping number, no? Five hundred thousand posts are posted on web every day!

According to, 25 billion pages are viewed a month.

With such a great demand, blogs definitely have the power to boost your brand! Blog design plays a wide role in wowing your customers and greenspecksmedia knows the art of crafting eye catching designs. Integrate your blog with RSS feeds from World Wide Web and keep your readers hooked with your web pages round the day.

What else you need?


Figures will astonish you and like we said earlier too, we love data!

According to an estimate, there are around 1 billion online buyers as of now and this figure is just going to get big and big.

Further, 40% of the internet users have shopped online.

On the survey done over 1000 Americans, it was concluded that 60% were happy to shop from the comfort of their home without going through the hassles of malls and stores.

Get closer to your customers and own an online shop today with greenspecksmedia. Get access to an easy user interface design, smooth payment integration and well organized products with us ruling out all the worries.


Develop and build your own social networking site. Give your vision to the new era of social networking and plan a technologically sound networking platform for your users.

With our skilled coders and highly efficient technology forecasters, step into the future and bring into reality the social network of your own imagination coupled with our ideas and implementations. Stay assured of the seamless technical support from Green Specks while you focus on your ideas and bigger picture.


Enhance your credibility and add faith to your customer’s choice with a smart web portal development. A recent survey suggested that 85% of the users take help of the online websites before relying on a particular brand.  As less as 0.05 seconds are enough for your users to either choose or reject you!

More power to you web! With so much in hand, you don’t have an option but to opt for smarter and reliable web portal development services backed with equivalent technology and high end support.


Figures reveal that as much as 60% of the internet access takes place through mobiles.

Out of 90% mobile owners in US, 58% are smartphone users.

A smartphone user checks his device around 150 times a day.

With so many customers on mobile, its the right time that you go mobile too! Having a mobile optimized website with fast load times and easy to scroll features, accelerate your online growth ruthlessly.


Overhauling and regular maintenance of your website is as necessary as it was to get it done at first place. Make sure there are no oops moments while you have your maximum traffic at the peak hours – get proper maintenance and support done with our experienced engineers.


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